Regarding CellProfiler Pipeline (comet)

Respected Sir/Madam,
My name is Dr. Naresh Mahajan. I am from India. We are validating the scoring done by CASP software and CellProfiler on the same nucleoids (Cell to cell) as per the setting mentioned by Gonzalez et al. (2012). We have taken the pictures at 640 X 480 pixel count in grey scale at 10X with the help of camera (Olympus e420) fitted on Olympus microscope Model BX41 (Olympus, Japan). After setting the modules we are facing some problems viz:

  1. In scoring done by cell profiler (as CASP is showing the results exactly as we do visually). But in the case of Cellprofiler the results are 10 times higher than CASP.
  2. It is also not scoring all the cells in a image of 40-50 cells (only three cells).
  3. So if anybody who can set the pipeline as per the images we have and do the modification in module please reply me (a request). I’ll be very thankful to them.
    With warm regards
    Dr. Naresh Mahajan