Reference image

OvaryImage a.bmp (900.1 KB) ROImarkedWithBlackPen.tif (62.7 KB)

I’m new to imageJ and I need some help. I would like to standardize the quality of the image a using OvaryImage as the reference image (I can do it in Matlab, but I can’t see this option in imageJ). Next, I would like to automate the selection of the ROI (an example is shown in ROImarkedWithBlackPen). Is any way to do it? Different images have ROI at different locations.

Thank you for help

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Hey @Grot,

how do you do this in matlab? If you tell us we can tell you the equivalent in ImageJ :wink:



Thank you for your reply. I’m matching the histograms using J = imhistmatch(a,ref), where ref stands for the reference image.

I didn’t came across of any other way to improve the quality and standardise the images for further analysis.