Rectangular ROI not holding selection with duplicate images

This may have been addressed previously, so appologies in advance if that was the case.

When creating a selection or recalling a selection from the ROI manager (Round, polygon etc) and then duplictating that region, the selection is maintained within the new window (ie from the bounding box of the selection)

When creating a rectangular selection and duplicating the image, the new window does not maintain the selection (albeit around the edge).

This can be overcome by making a rectangular shaped polygon which does keep the selection after duplicating the ROI was a bit of a janky work-around.

Just wondering if this is a feature or a bug? I came across it writing a macro for one of our users and thought i’d raise it with the experts.

It appears as if this behavior is by design and hasn’t change over the years.

The 4th example appears being a special case of the 2nd and as the 1st and 2nd make sense, the 3rd doesn’t.

I agree it doesnt make sense nor is consistent hence why I raised it.

And if someone stubles upon this post in the future it may save them some time.