Recording living imaging

Dear folks,

Is there any plugin or option for recording living imaging from my OPTIKA Italy microscope on ImageJ? I need to measure some structures, but the software released by OPTIKA, is able to record living imaging but cannot measure structures (diameter, pixels counts, etc).



if you want to control your microscope you will need to look into micromanager:
This software allows you to combine acquisition and processing. Limitation is that it needs to support your hardware.

Do you really need online image analysis? Why not load the output of your system into Fiji and go from there? If you share example images (.tiff and .png) we could point you to image analysis solutions.

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First of all, sorry for taking too long to respond. Finally, the camera integrated in my microscope had software to make the measurements I wanted. I was checking Micro-Manager, but as you say in the message, it has hardware limitations, and my camera is one of these limitations.

Thank you very much for your help @schmiedc!

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