Recorded Cell Profiler 3.0 Workshop



Dear All,

I have conducted a workshop on the latest release of Cell profiler at Univ. of Copenhagen last week.

Link is here Cell Profiler 3.0 Workshop 2017: Univ. of Copenhagen

Even though I’m not expert in Cell Profiler but I hope it is useful to many beginners.

Gopal Karemore, PhD
Image-Data Analysis Expert,
Novo Foundation Center for Protein Research,
& Stem Cell Biology,
Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark


Dear Gopal,

Do you maybe have the link with all the example files? I can only find some other examples on the Cell Profiler’s web site, other than the ones you use.

With kind regards,

Felix Leufkens


Dear Felix,

Is this what you are looking for Cell_Profiler_Workshop_2017 Examples


Yes, thank you so much