Record and annotate xy coordinates in an image

I need to identify pixel XY locations on several images, and be able to label these locations in the resulting list. The Built-in Cell Counter kind of does what I want but it’s as if each point is a different cell.

Ideally I’d like output in some tablular form like :

X Y Label
23 14 B201
34 29 B207
88 42 B212
49 56 B209b

Where I could enter the label as I select the points, then export the list as a xml, csv or tab delimited, anything text based will do.


Welcome to the Forum - and sorry for the delay in response…

You could try saving your points to the ROI Manager. You can ‘Rename’ them there and then print a table using ‘List’ - which displays their labels and XY coordinates, etc. You can then save that table as a .csv file.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I’ll give that a shot!

Worked great! Thanks a million!

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