Reconstruction of soma

Hi there,

I am trying to trace/reconstruct pyramidal cells with the simple neurite tracer and looking for the best options to trace the soma.
Currently I tried to trace the paths around the soma as a kind of triangular shape, but as soon as I used the 3D reconstruction viewer, the soma, respectively the triangular shape, went missing, while all the other paths around it were present.
Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

I am very grateful for Your help!

Currently SNT allows for the most commonly soma formats: One point and 3-point representation.
For 1 point representation: click on the soma center and press ‘F’ (shortcut for the ‘Finish’ Operation), then assign radius in the Path Manager using “Edit>Assign Radius”. For 3 point: uncheck the “Enable A* search algorithm” checkbox, and define the 3 points starting at the soma center. You need to subscribe to the “Neuroanatomy update site” from Fiji’s Updater for this to work.

Independently of the method used, somas should render as a sphere in the Reconstruction Viewer: