Recommended development environment for ImageJ based software

Hi guys,

I’m using Kubuntu 18.04 and I’m about to start a project which will be based on ImageJ libraries. This software will, in the future, have a GUI which I would like to do using JavaFX.

I’ve been a while away from Java world, which version of Java, JavaFx and IDE do you recommend to work together with ImageJ libraries? Java 11/JavaFX11 and Intellij Idea are good enough for the job?

Thank you all in advance.

AFAICT, the ImageJ/ImgLib2/SciJava developers mostly use Eclipse and/or IntelliJ:

As for the Java version: everything inheriting from pom-scijava as a parent POM will build with Java 8 by default.


I see, thank you…

I guess maybe it will not compile in Java11 yet?

Hi guys, just to follow up: what is the status now? i am about to start writing my first GUI- should i use ij.GUI or SWING , to stay with Java8?