Recommendations on Color Camera compatible with MM2.0gama

Hi All,

We are looking to improve our imaging methods for looking at H&E stained tissue. Ideally, we would like an RGB camera that has white-balance options within micromanager. We currently use a legacy Thorlabs camera (DCC1645C) that does not seem to work with the TSI adapter. I have followed all of the steps to try and make it work, but it seems to still fail, so we are left with using the ThorlabsUSBCamera adapter which lacks a white-balance option. I know that the newer Thorlabs cameras may be compatible with the TSI adapter (which has white-balance correction options) but I wanted to reach out to see which specific Thorlabs versions may work well or explore other brands that have these options within MicroManager2.0gamma. If you have any recommendations please let me know!