Recommendations for long scijava doc messages

Scijava folks, (@ctrueden @imagejan)

Is this very long line (copied below) an abuse of the String “MESSAGE” parameter?

It looks fine when rendered in the Dialog, but I wonder if there’s another way I should be doing stuff like this.

Thanks a ton as always,

#@ String (visibility=MESSAGE, value="<html>Run bigwarp with bigdataviewer xml-h5 files and/or images.<p> <p>XML files take precedence over open images.<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;i.e., if an xml file is given for either the moving (or target) source,<p>&nbsp;&nbsp;then the image that is specified for the moving (target) source will be ignored. </html>") DOCMSG

Right now, there is no choice but to do it like that. I have thought about ways to externalize long descriptions, but have not implemented anything.

Things we could do to improve matters:

  • Implement a mechanism so that long #@ annotated lines can be wrapped.
  • Implement a way to reference some external resource, like value=@docmsg and then define docmsg as a key/value pair in some properties file. This might dovetail nicely with future i18n support.

Additional ideas and discussion welcome.