Real time image processing using imagej

I am trying to do real time processing using imagej . First, i will describe the task which i am trying to perform. I am rotating a magnetic bead using magnetic field . I am taking feedback of the orientation of the bead to remove the error . Now, the simplest way to take feedback in my experimental set-up is to use image processing . I am able to find the angle by which the bead is rotating from a stored video using plugin that i have written . I have to do this task in real time . I am taking video from an analog video camera . I want to take image frames from this video periodically say after 1 millisecond and process one image frame at a time and then next . I have used TWAIN plugin but it is not able to grab frames periodically or i do not know how to use it . I will appreciate any help .
Vikrant Kumar Singh
IISC Bangalore,India

Have a look at micro manager to grab image frames live from different devices:

Devices supported:

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