Read/open .h5 file

Do someone knows how to open a .h file and what type of information is contained in it?

Thank you!


Hi @hugues1273,

You can open #hdf5 files (.h5) with #fiji . There’s an overview of the file structure here.


HDF5 is a container format. You can think of an HDF5 file organizing data as in a filesystem where hdf5 groups are folders and hdf5 datasets are files. Like on a filesystem, what kind of data and how it is structured/organized is pretty much left to the user.
EDIT: As to how to read the content of an HDF5 file, there are libraries for various programming languages.
In reading an HDF5 file, fiji will assume/interpret the content as images.

thank you so much for your help!
Very very kind!

If it is for DLC then check out this demo notebook (the files contain pandas arrays):