RE: Trackmate- particle centroids for one time-step-XYZ

Thanks for the quick reply. My trcakmate version is 6.0.1.
Z-stack has 21 planes (see attached, only one channel) which means almost 4-5 particle layers in Z. Here are few input parameters that I used for the tracking , blob size ~ 7.0 pixels, Threshold is 2.0, and selected sub-pixel localization.
Though I selected the Manual tracking and showing the same error, see attached.
Thank you.
small-1.tif (5.3 MB)

Oh now I understand!

In the Anaysis table you show, only the spots that are in tracks are shown.
Since you just have one time-point, you have no tracks, and therefore these tables appear empty.

If you want to show stats for all spots, regardless of whether they are in a track or not, you need to shift-click on the analysis button. And you should get the table you want.