Radius of Curvature Macro using Multi-point tool


I am trying to use Fiji to find the radius of curvature of an image. I opened the image in Fiji and used the multi-point tool and selected the area that I want to find the radius of curvature of. That then generated a chart of all the multi-points with their x and y location. From that chart, there is an option to run a macro with these data points. Would someone be willing to write a macro that could calculate radius of curvature from these points? I will attach pictures below for further detail. Thank you!


From what I could understand, you could select the multi-points (shown in red) like the way I did in this image:

Then run Edit > Selection > Fit Circle, which will generate the circle as follows:

If you then hit Measure, it will give you area and from there you could calculate the radius.



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Ved, thank you so much! When it gives me the area, is that in pixels?

Hi @Eden_Thompson

Your image is in pixels unit, so yes the radius should be in pixels.


Ok, do you know if there is anyway to convert that back to meters?

check this out:

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