Radiomics, contrast and difference variance

The code in imagej-ops is very useful and helpful. I do have a problem however.
The code for contrast and difference variance looks exactly the same to me.
I can recognize the contrast from the Haralick paper, but the difference variance is not as obvious.
I think there may be a bug in the code.

I would be happy to be wrong, but so far it looks the same.


Hi @ilan

Thanks for pointing that out! DefaultContrast is not what it should be. I will provide a fix.


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Thanks for the great software and the very fast reply.
To me DefaultContrast looks OK.
DefaultDifferenceVariance looks questionable.


Based on this: DefaultDifferencevariance looks OK. I am double-checking with this paper:

I changed the implementation to represent the Difference Variance from the paper:

PR is out :slight_smile:

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