Radial Profile on an non-circular ROI

Hi, I’m trying to get a distance distribution from a point in an image. I’ve been using the Radial Profile plugin, but it automatically changes ROI to a circle. Is there another way to get a similar result, but on a hand-drawn ROI that resembles an oval shape?

Would you please direct me on how to edit this section? Why mR is divided by 4? Thank you.

public void run(ImageProcessor ip) {
	IJ.makeOval((int)(X0-mR), (int)(Y0-mR), (int)(2*mR), (int)(2*mR));
	IJ.makeOval((int)(X0-mR), (int)(Y0-mR), (int)(2*mR), (int)(2*mR));
	if (canceled) return;

private void setXYcenter() {
	rct = imp.getRoi().getBoundingRect();
	X0 = (double)rct.x+(double)rct.width/2;
	Y0 =  (double)rct.y+(double)rct.height/2;
	mR =  (rct.width+rct.height)/4.0;