Radial Profile Macro


I am trying to get a macro to work so that I can do radial profile (using the plugin) quickly. I have selected regions and I have added into ROI, and I have this code for now. However, it doesn’t work and I am not sure why (pardon me, im extremely new to coding and my brain just isnt working). Any help will be appreciated.

nrois=roiManager(“count”); // gets the number of rois in RM
for(i=0; i<nrois; i++){ // loops through the list
roiManager(“select”, i);
run(“Radial Profile”, “x=“List.getValue(“x”)” y=“List.getValue(“y”)” radius=48.17 use”);

I changed the macro because you left out some concatenations in the plugin call. In addition I substituted the parameters x and y with X and Y. Please control if X,Y are the correct parameters for the plugin.

nrois = roiManager("count"); // gets the number of rois in RM
for (i = 0; i < nrois; i++) { // loops through the list
    roiManager("select", i);
    run("Radial Profile", "x=" + List.getValue("X") + " y=" + List.getValue("X") + " radius=48.17 use");

By the way be careful when pasting quoted code to this forum. Here the quotes are wrong (see first line) from pasting (use the code tags for the forum):

Here your intended code with the error: