Radial Intensity Distribution in Fiji/ImageJ

Dear all,

Is there a way to create a radial intensity distribution or radial distance map with imageJ/Fiji? “MeasureObjectIntensityDistribution” in CellProfiler can do this but I cannot find the equivalent in Fiji, just Distance Map transformations.

I understand this can be done with erosion cycles…but is there any plugin available?

Thank you!!


Do you mean something like the Radial Profile Extended plugin by @philippe.carl?


Thank you imagejan. I meant something similar to the image that you can find here:

Hi @VeroMicro,

I guess you are referring to distribution of your signal within layers of equal surface (or volume in 3D). The distance transform will show you the distance to the border of the cell but the layers are not of equal surface. You need to use Eroded Volume Fraction to get layer of equal surface (I guess you are referring to this when mentioning erosion cycles).
You can do this for instance with plugins from the 3D ImageJ Suite :

  • 3D Distance map (that now works in 2D :slight_smile: ), you can then compute the EDT and the EVF of your binary image, I guess you will need to do this cell by cell

  • 3D EVF distribution will compute average intensity within the EVF layers as show in this image

Hope this helps




That’s it! Thank you so much for this detailed answer :slight_smile: