QuPath workshop in San Diego! February 20-21, 2020

Dear All,

I’m pleased to announce that we will be hosting another QuPath workshop at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology. Pete Bankhead, the creator of QuPath, will join us for another dose of image analysis fun. Please sign up here: http://tiny.cc/QuPath

QuPath is open source software for whole slide image analysis and digital pathology (https://qupath.github.io/). Over the past three years, it has become established as one of the most popular digital pathology platforms worldwide, with more than 65,000 downloads and used in over 209 publications so far.

QuPath has been designed for a wide range of users, including pathologists, biologists, image analysts, and machine learning experts. It aims to make sophisticated techniques accessible and user-friendly to immediately solve a range of common analysis problems in pathology, while also offering a customizable platform to develop entirely new algorithms.

This workshop will show QuPath in action, demonstrating how to move from raw images to a better understanding of disease processes.

This year the workshop will start on Thursday afternoon (2020/02/20) - you are all welcome to start arriving around 1 pm for light lunch. Please arrive early if you had computer problems or weren’t able to download the files. We will start the workshop at 2 pm and it will run until ~8 pm that day followed by food and merrymaking. The next day, on Friday 21st, we will start at 9 am and finish in the evening. Similar to the day before, there will be food and something to toast.

We are planning the sessions, more details will be available soon. If you want to contribute (give a talk, share pathologist perspective, describe your image analysis solution in QuPath or present a well-defined image analysis problem, provide an open dataset) please let me know - and we will gladly waive your fee.

We will be asking for a small contribution from participants to help cover our costs. It will not exceed $50 for non-profit and $314.15 for for-profit participants. The return on this investment is phenomenal. If you are unable to contribute due to financial hardship, let us know and we will find a way to help you. We will send you more information on the payment process later.

I’m very sorry for the short notice; I understand that some of you would need more time to arrange your travel. We will try to record this event (and possibly broadcast it live).

Please distribute this to your colleagues who might be interested, and I hope to see you soon in sunny San Diego!

With warm regards,
Zbigniew Mikulski


Hi Zbigniew,

What a nice opportunity!!. Any chance you could stream the workshop?. I would very much interested in taking it but I am located in the east coast.

Best regards

Paola Perez PhD.

Senior Scientist NIDCR, NIH.

Dear Zbigniew,

I am struggling through QuPath Wiki and a maze of forum receipts, and I would like to second Paola’s request for streaming this workshop. Any chance to have similar workshop in EU?

Best Regards,
Daniil Sarkisyan,
Bioinformatician, Uppsala University

Yes, plans are forming for a user meeting in Edinburgh, and also regular workshops once the next release is stabilized :slight_smile:

More info to come - meanwhile it helps a lot to know who might be interested while figuring out how it all should work!


Hi Paola,

Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, we are trying to get it recorded. :relaxed: :slightly_smiling_face:

Best, Zbigniew


Hi Daniil,

We are trying to get it setup so we can share the recordings later.

Best, Zbigniew


Looking forward to it! Last year was a lot of fun and very informative.


Well, my IT apparently wants to promise some recordings! :+1: Streaming will not be possible, but we will include links to the recordings once they are online. Thank you all for your interest.

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Hi Zbigniew,
I would also be interested in a streaming option for the QuPath workshop, if it is available. Would I need to register just as an in-person attendee would? I would like to participate, if you can let me know how to proceed.

Adrian Quintanilla
RareCyte, Inc.

Hi Adrian,

Streaming unfortunately is not an option but we will make the recordings available.


Thank you!. I wish I could come. But I will wait for the recordings.
Best of luck.

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Would you please give information if the recordings will be available?
Thank you.


Sorry it took so long! The recordings are here http://tiny.cc/QuPath and the files and instructions can be found here http://tiny.cc/filestograb
Hope it will be useful to you!