QuPath v0.1.3 Fails to Open on Mac

Hello! I have been using QuPath v.0.1.3 to keep it consistent with the other analyses that I have already done. I hadn’t opened it in a few months, but when I did, it would open the window and then crash. I have tried reinstalling, and while it did download, it opened and crashed. However, it works fine on my friend’s MacBook and when I drag that file over, it fails to open on mine. In case this is of help, my MacOS is Catalina. I have a feeling it might have been due to the incompatibility of v0.1.3 with Catalina. I thought I would ask regardless.

Thank you and I hope you’re staying safe.

Does it relate to any of the changes listed here?
I don’t have access to a Mac so am unable to test anything.

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Edit → Reset preferences is the first thing to try with any version of QuPath whenever problems suddenly start occurring.

If that doesn’t resolve the issue, please describe in more detail what happens when it crashes, and post any error messages you see.


No, it doesn’t relate to any of the changes listed.

I’m unable to access the edit toolbar as after attempting to open the QuPath window, the window opens for a split second and then closes and disappears. I have tried multiple times to open, but this is what keeps happening.

Can you run M9 or 0.1.2?

If you can run v0.1.2, you can use that to reset the preferences. For v0.2.0-m9 that won’t help, because they are stored in a different place.

If you have an extensions directory somewhere (e.g. containing Bio-Formats), try renaming that so QuPath can’t find it. If there is something incompatible in there that that could prevent QuPath from loading.

If that doesn’t help, see also https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/qupath-users/3hb70UlNEvc
If you can run QuPath from the command line you might see a more informative error.

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It worked! I reset the preferences using 0.1.2 and I was able to open it fine. Thank you so much!