Qupath Tutor over zoom

Hello, I’m new at Qupath. Would like to get up to speed faster, and need a knowledgeable (and patient) person to tutor me over zoom. I have read all the online tutorials and seen pete’s videos, so have some basic knowledge. To pay by the hour (e-transfer), a minimum of 20 hours (lmk cost/availability at jcmgpl at gmail). Flexible to schedule sessions. Thanks

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Throwing the QuPath tag on it so that people following QuPath will see the post.


Thanks … (sigh) new at this :slight_smile:


Dear @jcmgpl, just to throw an idea out there: why don’t you organize a hands-on course? It can still be over zoom, same hours but share the costs between students and benefit a larger community of interested people? I think that many would love to bring their own data and go through tutorials and really learn how to analyze their data. Of course it would still depend on @petebankhead’s and other experts (@Research_Associate?) availability.