QuPath tile annotation order


Call Analyze > Region identification > Tiles & superpixels > Create tiles to hopefully reproduce this!

In qupath-0.2.0-*, tiles are ordered from left-to-right, row-by-row (with tile 1 being the top-left-most tile as expected) but the order in the Annotations tab does not appear to match this. Below are screenshots using example MIRAX OpenSlide test data, but this occurs regardless of file format. Behaviour is as expected using qupath-0.1.2. Tiles are sorted by name, with the top-left-most tile appearing first in the annotations list. Are they now ordered differently somehow or is there a way to sort them? It looks like this functionality changed between qupath-0.1.2 and qupath-0.2.0-m1.

Using qupath-0.2.0-m8:

Using qupath-0.1.2:

I hope this makes sense,

Thank you!

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I don’t recall intentionally changing the behavior, but I guess I did - synchronising the hierarchy with the GUI components is really tricky and various things has been changed.

Can you describe more if/why it matters? Note that if you show a measurement table for annotations then you can sort this by clicking on column headings, and also select annotations through the table.

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Hi Pete,

I just wanted to flag it for now, thank you.

Keep up the great work!