Qupath stalls when trying to open script editor

Qupath 2.3 (and earlier versions also like 0.2.0, Github build with tensorflow 2.2, 2.3) has started freezing when I try to open the Script Editor. It freezes for 5-10 minutes or longer when I press the “Automate” menu (see screenshot), but not any other menu like File, Edit, or the rest. It usually responds eventually and opens the Automate menu so I can launch the script editor. However, when I try to load scripts it often freezes again after choosing “open” then chose a script file to open - freezes for 5-10 min or more then opens the script. I’ve recently installed a Windows 10 update and an update to .NET framework for Windows 10, but not sure if it’s related. Tried to open Visual Studios debugger for the “Qupath (not responding)” instance - attaching a screenshot, not sure if that helps. Any suggestions or similar experiences?

You can try resetting the preferences with Edit → Reset preferences.

The Automate menu contains scripts automatically populated from specific directories on your computer; some are set through preferences, one is within any current project. In rare occasions I have seen this slow down if the directory is extremely slow to access (e.g. because it is on another server… or perhaps doesn’t exist).

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Yes, solved it - thank you so much again, Pete!

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The loading of the script editor was fixed with resetting the preferences, however, I still really struggle when I try to load a script. Often freezes and takes up to 10 min to load a script, but usually loads in the end. Resetting preferences does not help. Is there a way to force qupath not to try to prefetch or process the scripts before/when loading them and just load the pure text/code?

When precisely does it freeze (i.e. what did you do immediately before the freeze)? And what operating system are you using?

I find that opening file chooser dialogs can sometimes be extremely slow, but this appears to be a Java/Operating system issue whenever it is stubbornly trying to access a drive that isn’t connected. This is separate from the preloading scripts thing, and I don’t think it can be addressed within QuPath.

Personally, I almost always open scripts by dragging them on top of QuPath… therefore rarely need to use the Automate menu at all.

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I open the scipt editor, then choose “open”, then chose the script in some folder, then when I click “Open” it freezes (while trying to load the script into the script editor. Using Windows 10. I’ll try the drag and drop trick, maybe that solves it (problably less prefetching/reading of other stuff in the same folder etc.).

Do you see the same issue if you choose File → Open in general (in the main QuPath window, not the script editor)?

No, not the same problem with File->Open. I have quite a lot of scripts in the folder I’m opening from though (about 50 script files), so that might be the issue.