QuPath: Searching for Images

Hello all,
I am using QuPath linked up to google cloud platform using this extension on github..

There are times when we want to load say >100 images into a single dataset or project folder. Is there a way to search for a specific image (inside QuPath), once you are in your project? So if I want to check if image “12345” is in the image list, is that possible?

Thanks for any help!

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Do you simply want to check if the image is in the project, or do you want to sort the list to find that image and open it?

actually sort, find and open that image in QuPath would be optimal. So if I give a folder of 100 images to a pathologist, I would like them to be able to find and open a specific image they are looking for.

@petebankhead might have some better ideas here as this is going a bit out of my area of interest, but I could see two approaches, both require a script.

  1. Add the names of the file to a metadata field called “name” Then you can sort by metadata “name”

  2. Type in the name of the file into the top line of a script
    filename = “thisIsNotAFile.czi”
    and running the script will search for matches to that text and if there is only one match, automatically open the file in the viewer. If there is more than one match, probably easiest to have it fail.

Does the search bar at the bottom of the ‘Project’ tab help?


I had never noticed that.
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Good! I think that’s one of @melvingelbard’s additions in v0.2.


Ah, hah wow this is probably what I’m looking for. Sorry, I am using an older version of QuPath (M2) because the extension required it at some point. Looks like the extension can work up to M10, and that search bar was added somewhere near M9. That should probably do it, I just need to update. Thanks very much.

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