QuPath: out of memory error

Once I run the script on multiple images, I get an error notification saying ‘out of memory’. I am storing my data on a 5TB drive and using a Windows 64 bit operating system with QuPath 0.1.2. The current maximum memory is set on 1.78 GB. I have added screenshots of my script and error notification and an example of the images I am analyzing.

Is anyone familiar with this issue and knows a solution? Thanks in advance!

Hi @rebezemer, there’s some info in the old QuPath documentation here: https://github.com/qupath/qupath/wiki/Troubleshooting#setting-memory-limits

I say the ‘old’ documentation, because v0.2.3 is now the current version – which has many improvements, and entirely new documentation at http://qupath.readthedocs.io

But either way, 1.78 GB is likely to be too little memory for most analysis. If your computer doesn’t have much RAM, but is your only option, you can reduce the amount of stuff QuPath tries to do in parallel – as described in the first link. It’ll be slow, but will hopefully work.

Reducing the size of the area you analyse should help too.