QuPath m11 pixel classifier annotation selection

I’ve been using the pixel classifier a lot lately and I’m mostly happy with the performance. Having a small issue though - I can’t find a way to specify which class of annotations the pixel classifier will use. Sometimes I need to apply a pixel classifier on top of an object classifier, but can’t do it unless I delete the original annotations for the object classifier. Am I just missing something or could this be something included in the 0.2.0 stable release?

That is probably too big a change to include in v0.2.0. I’d suggest right-clicking on the image under the ‘Project’ tab and creating a duplicate. Then you can use one to train the pixel classifier, save it, and reload it on the other image.


Plus, for pixel classifiers, it’s probably a good idea to base it on several images worth of data due to variation between images/samples by creating a combined training image.