Qupath - how can I reopen my saved and finished files?

Hi everyone,
I have a problem. I worked on my 2D-scanned cells with Qupath and saved everything I have worked on as a file. I had no problems in opening them and looking back at the results and marks I have set. However, it only worked on my laptop. Unfortunate, my laptop broke today and I got a loan unit until mine is repaired. However, I couldn’t open my files on this laptop. Whenever I try to open my saved files with the important marks, I see only my cells without them. I will appreciate if someone could help me with this problem because I really need those materials.
Thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

It is going to be difficult to help you without further information.
What version of QuPath on the first and on the second computer?
Were the images in a project?
What type of images (CZI, ndpi, tif, etc)?
Are cells currently set to visible through the UI, and what does your UI look like?