QuPath: Figi plugin update for ImageJ?

Hey QuPath Community,

I am attempting to run the TWOMBLI Figi macro using the ImageJ tool in QuPath but run into an error when it attempt to open the ridge detection plugin because it is not installed on this imageJ.

I need to apply the following plugins to the image J tool but can’t figure out how to install them.

Since this last one requires Fiji would I not be able to use this macro in the image J application?

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated, Thanks!

You can set your ImageJ plugins directory to be a Fiji installation: ImageJ — QuPath 0.2.3 documentation

Some Fiji plugins will work, but some won’t (depending upon how compatible they are with ImageJ1). I don’t know anything about TWOMBLI myself, so I don’t know if it is one that will work.

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