QuPath Automation with Image J Macros

Hey QuPath Community,

I am beginning to start the automation process and have some questions that I am hoping could be answered.

In my process I am using the send to image J command then running a macro to threshold, then deselect the regions that contain white space, then sending back the annotation to QuPath. When looking through the documentation I didn’t see any mention of something like this with ImageJ or macros in general.
Is this possible or should I develop a way to work around it? I am a novice coder so any and all input is greatly appreciated.

Did you see this bit? ImageJ — QuPath 0.2.3 documentation

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I missed this somehow, thank you so much! Your YouTube videos are fantastic tools as well so thank you for that too @petebankhead

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Excellent, glad it was an easy answer, hope it helps!

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