QuickFigures: A PlugIn for building scientific figures, (Update)

Hello Everyone,
I created QuickFigures, a Fiji/ImageJ plugin for creating figures from microscopy images. Thanks to the helpful suggestions from both reviewers and the ImageJ community, QuickFigures has been updated with new functions (details below). QuickFigures can be used to create, align, and edit scientific figures with many panels, split channels, merged images, scale bars and label text. The video playlist linked below demonstrates and explains the most useful features. Viewers may learn enough to start using QuickFigures in less than 10 minutes by watching the first video. The online user guide (also linked below) contains more details.

For those who have already seen QuickFigures, here is whats new.

  • Figure Format Menu now contains an option to select premade templates before creating a figure
  • Rulers will switch to cm if a user selects cm in the Resize Canvas Dialog.
  • Users may now zoom in/out with the +/i keys or [CTRL]+[Mouse Wheel]
  • Square Lock For Insets
  • Fit inset panels to the width and height of the parent panel

If anyone is kind enough to provide suggestions for new features or report bugs that would be extremely helpful.

Have a great week,


Hi Greg,
The tool looks like a life-saver! Thank you for sharing it. I’m playing around and just hoping to get a quick tip. It automatically arranged my images to 5 images per row. Is it possible to make all images smaller so i can fit more images per row? I can make each individual image smaller, but can’t seem to make all smaller at the same time. Sure this function exists already and I’m just not seeing it?


There are several ways to change the size/scale of images. Assuming you created them from an ImageJ image stack, you can right click on an image panel and go to the’ Figure’ menu to find both the “Images” submenu and the “Scale figure” submenu. There are also other ways to scale that involve dragging a handle until the group of images reach the size you want (see user guide for details).

Good to hear you like it,

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It’s great!!! Thank you so much!

Hi Greg,
How can I tell which version of QuickFigures I’m using?
I noticed that I don’t have the “Figure with Merge Panels Only” Sub-menu as shown at https://youtu.be/snOT1aQ6UNU?t=386.

I’m trying to create a figure from a Z-stack but I only want to use 1 Z-section instead of opening them all.

You must have downloaded it a very long time ago (probably back when the bioRXIV manuscript was placed online). Just update. QuickFigures already appears on the list of ImageJ update sites. I strongly recommend using the most up to date version.

Also, I may be a little late with the lightning talk

Thanks @Greg1 that fixed it.
I think I’ve worked out how to do most things I wanted. Still lots to explore.