Quick questions on code



I was going through some matlab code and I’ve got a couple of quick questions - I was planning on using this thread as a place to just multi-fire questions. I hope that’s all right.


line 643-644
sigma = 1;
FiltLength = 2*sigma; % Determine filter size, min 3 pixels, max 61

Isn’t sigma hard-coded now? Doesn’t the comment disagree with the output from code?

line 837
Objects(index) = 0;

What is index refering to? Should this be k?


Hi Peter,

Re: Line 643 - This comment was left over when the method of determining sigma was changed from a more flexible setting.

Re: Line 837 - You’re right, this is an error. But since Objects is a labeled image, it should be:

Thanks for bringing these to our attention!