Quick question about outputting data to an image



Hi I’m trying to come up with a simple ratio of nuclei to area for a given piece of tissue. I have the nuclei and area quantification stuff working just fine but am having trouble outputting it to the pic with Displaydataonimage. I found the mention of using “AreaOccupied_Name” in the documentation for MeasureImageAreaOccupied and can now display half of what I need on the image. What I can’t figure out is how to output the total number of nucli counted with identifyprimairyautomatic. What would I use for category and feature number in Displaydataonimage?



Nevermind, figured it out. The Object is “Image” the Category is “ObjectCount” and the Feature is 1. (exported the data to Excel and took a look at the headings to find it.)


Thanks for posting the answer! Much appreciated.