Questions to import time series images


There are two questions about “open and import” image sequences. First one is about “open”:
When I open a time series stack by using drag-and-drop into ImageJ, the stack shows only [slice no./total slices (Ch1)] and in “Image Properies”, “Frame Interval” is 0 sec. Please see (A) in the figure.

When I use Bio-Formats Importer to open the time series, it give [slice no./total slices (t no./total frames–xxx)] and in “Image Properies”, “Frame Interval” is with correct time invertal. Please check (B).

Second one is about “Import/Image Sequence…” on the “File” drop-down menu.
I save the time series as “Image Sequence…” to a folder then use “Import/Image Sequence…” to open as a stack. The frame interval is correct but the number exchanges between slices(s) and frames(t). Please check ©.

The number could be changed manually,though, users need to check everytime when loading time series sequences. Is there a way to put the number in correct position? Thanks!


I made this topic a crosspost on the ImageJ mailing list, but it seems that the post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list.