Questions about the cancer Rate plugin

Hi All,

I have a few questions about the imageJ plugin for the Radiation-Induced Cancer Risk and Rate calculation.

  1. How to replace the five tables in the plugin? As under the plugin directory I cannot found the five tables…The plugin will use the default value if it cannot detect any table? Do I need to create those tables if I want to calculate the risk for different populations?

  2. What’s the difference between table 12-2 and tables 12B-5A,12B-5B,12B-5C,12B-5D in BEIR VII report. Why the plugin did set the default gamma and eta value using the “all parameters estimated value” in tables 12B-5A,5B,5C and 5D ?

  3. I was wondering anyone in this forum is familiar with lifetime-attributable-risk LAR calculation??

Many thanks

I do not know how popular that plugin is, or whether it is maintained. You might want to write to the author’s email address listed on the plugin page, and/or to the ImageJ mailing list.