Question from a newbie

We have a standard picture of a circular round object.

And we have pictures of multiple similar circular round objects which we want to compare with the standard picture. Can ImageJ help with this? We want to figure how much off they are from the standard picture.

Sorry I am a newbie and would really appreciate any help.


Hi Shrish, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This sounds very doable, but maybe you can include some more details about what you hope to achieve.

Just in size or in position/circularity/intensity or other properties?

And it always helps to share example images, you can upload them directly here on the forum.


Actually the image will have a pattern, as this is coming from a manufacturing industry. And we want other images to have similar pattern, and also want to check if the object has a crack or not. Can this be something where ImageJ can help?

Yes, this sounds perfect for ImageJ. But before anyone can suggest specific features in ImageJ to employ for this task, more information is needed. The easiest thing would be if you could share an example image, but I suppose you haven’t started acquiring data yet? If not, maybe you can give us more information about your specific case.

  1. Are we talking microscopic imaging of tiny patterns and fractures, or larger scale?
  2. Will you be able to standardize imaging conditions? Please see the principles page for some important things to consider for your imaging procedure.

The more standardized your imaging procedure is the easier it will be to analyze the data. If you are able to consistently get photos of high quality, fully automating this procedure in ImageJ could be very easy. And in general it is much easier to improve image acquisition than to account for poor quality in post-processing.