Question about using development versions

Hi, I am trying to install a development version of BoneJ Particle-Analyser to draw the best ellipsoids for a stack of images. I’m am using Windows but am not very familiar using GitBash.

I attempted to follow this protocol with no avail:

When I try to cd in to pom-bonej, I get a message saying “No such file or directory.” I managed to remote add, fetch, and checkout by replacing cd pom-bonej with cd BoneJ2 (the cloned file) however I believe this is where I went wrong.

Thank you in advance for any advisement on the following!

Just about to commit this feature; hopefully can get that to you in the updater shortly.

Hi, I am wondering if would be able to access the features above shortly? Thank you.

Run an update with the Fiji updater. @alessandrofelder pushed a new version there with these changes included.