Question about skimage.transform.iradon()

as you can see in this docs, there is an parameter called filter_name

but when I tried not to use the filter(by assigning None to filter_name), error occurs.

ValueError                                Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-109-653f087c00b6> in <module>
----> 1 invrad_resized4 = iradon(resized4, theta=theta_resized4, interpolation=None, circle=True)
      2 plt.imshow(invrad_resized4, cmap='gray', interpolation="gaussian")

~\Anaconda3\envs\pytorch\lib\site-packages\skimage\transform\ in iradon(radon_image, theta, output_size, filter, interpolation, circle)
    256     interpolation_types = ('linear', 'nearest', 'cubic')
    257     if interpolation not in interpolation_types:
--> 258         raise ValueError("Unknown interpolation: %s" % interpolation)
    260     filter_types = ('ramp', 'shepp-logan', 'cosine', 'hamming', 'hann', None)

ValueError: Unknown interpolation: None

In the docs, it says

filter_name : str, optional
Filter used in frequency domain filtering. 
Ramp filter used by default. 
Filters available: ramp, shepp-logan, cosine, hamming, hann. 
Assign None to use no filter.

Why is this not working?

Sorry for the delay in responding, for some reason I didn’t get notified about this post until now.

Anyway, you’ve written interpolation=None rather than filter_name=None. If you change that it should work!

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I also got the notification just now, this is weird…

@emmanuelle I just saw that the post tag was updated from python to scikit-image just recently. I guess I will subscribe to the Python tag also! :grimacing: