Question about Memory increase in FIJI!

Hi !

My name is Sammi and I am having a problem where I want to increase the memory of the FIJI to let me import the vsi. files ( which are usually bigger than 3850MB). I was trying to increase the memory by going into Edit<Option<Memory&Threads… and it would only show this:

And I tried multiple things like

  1. take info.plist file outside into the desktop and edit --> put it back to where it was.
  2. take ImageJ-mascosx to

Is there any suggestion on what I should do?

We cannot see the screenshot.

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So it tried to get the same msg again and re-opened FIJI, but FIJI would not get it to work at all… when I double-clicked on the FIJI icon, it says “This application’FIJI’ cannot be open.” and that’s about it…

Edited the post so that the screenshot works.

Looks like a privilege/admin access issue maybe? Not familiar with Macs though.