Question about heatmap function

Dear all,

I have some questions about the heat map function.
Firstly, what the function of the “Geometry/length Major Axis”? If I want to measure the cell length of width, should I run this function or following the “Bezier point” function or PCA tools?
Secondly, for the “shape analysis”, I have no idea about the "Custom X or Y " function. Meanwhile, when I run the 3D PCA function to analyze 3D cell mesh, sometimes it is not workable, but it worked with 2D PCA. Is there no difference between them? Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Lei Li

Hi Lei,

“Geometry/Length Major Axis” pretty much does what it says. Calculates the longest axis of the cell and displays it as a heat map, so you don’t get the orientation of the major axis there.

If you project the Bezier directions on the mesh before running the Shape Analysis, then you can get the PCA directions projected onto the Bezier.

Normally you compute the 3D PCA on the stack voxels, and the 2D PCA on a surface mesh segmented into cells.

Dear Richard,

Thanks for your reply. And I still have a question about PCA. After computing the cell shape data, the unit is “a.u.”, what is this meaning, and how I can convert it to the normal units, such as “um”.

Best regards.

Lei Li.