Question - 3D Surface Plot


I’m just wondering: I have an image with two channels (red and green fluorescence) and would like to display the different intensities in a 3D surface plot. My problem is, that I always end up with a 3D plot of just one of the two channels. Is it possible to display the two seperate channels in one 3D plot?

To merge the channels is not an option, since I then end up with a plot of the “merge”.

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Dear @Sabine,

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Looking at the offical page for the Interactive 3D Surface Plot, I don’t see the option to have several surfaces in one plot. In this case, you could contact the author of the plugin and see if could come up with a solution to you question…


Hi Stefan,

thank you a lot for your answer!

How can I find the author of the plugin? Sorry, I’m new at this… :slight_smile:


Hi @Sabine,
the first line on the plugin page may be a good hint :sweat_smile:


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