QUAREP-LiMi - Quality Assessment and Reproducibility for Instruments & Images in Light Microscopy

QUAREP-LiMi https://quarep.org
A community-driven initiative (started in April 2020) to establish guidelines for quality assessment and reproducibility for instruments and images in light microscopy.

This initiative comprises light microscopists from academia and industry who share a common interest in better understanding the performance and limitations of their microscopes and improving quality assessment (QA) and quality control (QC) in light microscopy, with the aim of establishing a set of common QA and QC standards, guidelines, metadata models and tools including detailed protocols for light microscopy. Currently 145 participants from 18 countries and 57 different organizations.

If you want to join and work together, find information here: https://quarep.org/contact

11 working groups covering these topics:
WG 1 Illumination Power
WG 2 Detection system performance
WG 3 Uniformity of field - flatness
WG 4 System chromatic aberration and Co-registration
WG 5 Lateral and Axial Resolution
WG 6 Stage and Focus
WG 7 Metadata
WG 8 White paper
WG 9 Planning + Funding
WG 10 Image Quality
WG 11 Microscopy Publication Standards