Quantifying myelin sheath thickness

Hi, We are trying to use cellprofiler to quantify the myelin sheath thickness and the axon diameter. Can you help us with this? I have attached 2 images for your reference. I tried using the basic pipelines provided on the website, without much success. Thanks, Vijay

Hi Vijay,

Thanks for posting – Please try the attached pipeline I created.

Some notes:
(1) Your images are pretty large, and CellProfiler would act smoother if you resize the images smaller
(2) The idea is to first segment the axons (inner, bright regions)
(3) Then invert the image, so that we can segment the now-bright myelin annuli
(4) Use IdentifyTertiaryObjects to define, and then measure the annulus morphology.
(5) You can probably use the MeanRadius measure from MeasureObjectsSizeShape, or check out the other measures in the SizeShape module.

Hope that helps,
DLpipe.cppipe (9.73 KB)

Thanks a lot David! Will give a try.