Quantification of Vessel Density in Myocardium by IHC


I’m rather new to ImageJ and the different tools and plug-ins out there. I have stained rat myocardium with antibodies against CD31, aSMA, and von Willibrand Factor to stain arteries and capillaries. Images are I would like to 1) quantify number of vessels and 2) Vessel Diameter per 10x image. Attached is a 20x image representative of the types of images i’d like to quantify (the signal should be brighter than these)

Does anyone know a tool/script/plugin that can be used for this application?

Thank you so much!

Hi SamirZaman
I am not sure whether you had a chance to read this section for particle analysis:

But before you do that you may want to do some some processing, here is a link for the entire application, it may be worthwhile to spend time in going through different function, and you can use that applicable for your images…

hope this helps…good luck!



To help you get started… Here are a few links you might find helpful:

Hope this helps get you started!

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