Quantification of area and object height

Hi all,

I wanted to get some input from you for the following problem: I have an xyz image of a binarized object and want to quantify the area of the object on the first slice the object appears (going from bottom to top in z). Futhermore, I would like to quantify the total object height in z. Can anyone recommend an approach for doing these things and possibly doing it in an automated way?


Hi @Sreusch,

Is your object of interest the only thing present in the stack? If you could provide some sample images (either the stack, a slice, or the orthogonal views), it would help us understand the type of problem to tackle.


Hi @NicoDF

I already found a solution. I am running “analyze particles” and then add each slice to the ROI manager. From there I can measure the area from the first slice and also count the number of total slices, which corresponds to my object height (when I multiply it by the voxel height). Not sure, if there is another “better” way to do this. But it works for me.