Quantification of actin distribution pattern

I have 2 sets of samples, with a difference in the **distribution pattern of actin. I am interested with quantification of the actin pattern of the cells in the two samples. Can anyone help me with any module that would serve the purpose? The jpg files are attached herewith. These are HepG2 cells, and the images have been acquired using confocal microscopy, with actin stained with BODIPY-Phalloidin.


Hi there,

You can try to use all of these modules MeasureTexture, MeasureGranularity, MeasureObjectSizeShape (Zernike features) and MeasureObjectIntensityDistribution

Probably you would first need to have a good object segmentation though. Do you have other channels to identify the cells? I don’t think this channel alone is enough to properly identify single cells.
If not, I imagine using a block object (like a square that has a size approximately the size of a cell) could still give you some insight.

Good luck.

In particular you can take a look at this paper:

which will guide you on how to measure a lot of features and examine which one best distinguishes a phenotype. It also includes warnings about how such an analysis can go wrong!

Hope this helps!