Qualitative annotation plugins for Fiji

Dear all,

I released a few weeks ago a set of Fiji plugins for qualitative annotations of images.
A manuscript should come out soon, but you can already play with the plugins, and watch the youtube tutorials below.

The YT tutorials


Activate the Qualitative Annotations update site in Fiji.

Short description

The plugins offer intuitive user interfaces with buttons or checkboxes to associate predefined categories or keywords to images or roi. Multiple keywords are possible per image/roi.
The categories are assigned by clicking a button, or using keyboard shortcut so you can quickly annotate stacks.

You can use them for routine image annotations or to generate ground-truth categories to train an image-classifier for instance.
KNIME workflows illustrating possible applications of the annotations (including training a deep-learning image-classifier) are provided on the GitHub repo and explained in the video tutorials and in the coming manuscript.

Source code, Documentation, KNIME workflows

The plugins are written in Jython, see the repo below

Hoping this would make life easier for some of you :wink: