Python script for multiple acquisitions varying exposure using MMCorePy


I am researching for methods that allow Micro-Manager to acquire image bursts varying the exposure time automatically.

I came across a Python package that allows communication with MM called MMCorePy in GitHub. As far as I saw, it is possible to set exposure times and acquire an image after setting the camera configuration via ‘ccf’ file. The package can be found here: micro-manager-python3/MMCorePy at master · zfphil/micro-manager-python3 · GitHub

Would it be safe to proceed this way?

Thank you

Have you also seen the package from the micro-manager team here?

That one works pretty well for python3 and can simply be pip installed (though wheels are not yet available for python 3.9)

Also worth mentioning, a different way of controlling micromanager with python via ZMQ:

Yes, that´s what I read. Was planning to create a venv with Python 3.6 for this particular case.

Thanks, gonna check it.

You can do this very easily with pycro-manager. An example script that is similar to what you describe can be found here

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I came across pycro-manager while investigating. The code of the link looks exactly like the loop I want to do.

I will test this as first aproach.

Thank you!

Hello there,

We did a test with Pycro-manager, Micromanager and a camera found in MM archive, and after fiddling with version compatibilities it worked like a charm.

Will update after we do a more extensive use of the bundle.