Python or other machine languages are associated with cell profiler

What is the relationship between python and the cell profiler, and how do you write code to make the cell profiler run without dragging it directly into a file

CellProfiler is an application written mostly in python.

You can run CellProfiler headless by following instructions here:

Some things are not well understood.Does python run the cell profiler by installing the cell profiler in the python environment?
CellProfiler as a Python package, how to install or run cell profiler in Python environment

You can either dowload the Cellprofiler binary distribution for your OS. This bundles a python executable, python environment and Cellprofiler.
You can use the pre-built executables to run CP in headless mode as Anne mentioned above.

If you want to run Cellprofiler from source, you need to set up your own python environment with the correct required dependencies. There are some instructions here:

Is the current cell profiler python2.7 only?

Can cell profiler only be python2.7?What is the connection between version matching in python and cell profiler?I have a problem running python 3. How do I fix it?

It’s a major project in progress to upgrade CellProfiler to python 3. You are welcome to help, just check out Github!