Python fails with segmentation fault (core dump)

Hi all,

I’ve been running Cellprofiler for month now, but suddenly it stopped working. Trying to call it via
I’m getting the error Segmentation fault (core dump).
Any idea where this is coming from? I had to restart my computer while CellProfiler was open, maybe something crashed? I’m running it on Ubuntu 16.04
Any advice would be really appreciated!

Cheers, Anja

Could it be related to this?

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sigh, I’m afraid so. Thanks for pointing it out

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Unfortunately for us this problem is not solved though. Reverting to an older kernel version is a workaround, not a solution.

Fair enough, but it works with the temporary solution for now, and that’s what I need.
But I would be very curious how to fix it when you found a solution! Are there any outputs you need?