Python-bioformats github pull requests



Dear all,

just wanted to politely knock the door about some PRs I created for python-bioformats several weeks ago and that didn’t receive any comments or anything yet. Is there somebody in charge of the repository and/or the Python package?

I’d be really happy to see these changes merged (or get suggestions on what to change in the PRs) since we are relying on the 3D information provided by them internally already, and it would be very nice being able to mention these capabilities on next week’s OME Annual Users Meeting in Dundee.

Happy for any feedback, and thanks for the good work!



We’re unfortunately between maintainers on the project at the moment, but I’ll try to get someone to take a look. I apologize!


Hi, @ehrenfeu! I just reviewed and they looked great! I merged.


Thanks a lot for the update @bcimini and for merging my changes @agoodman - well appreciated!